Performance (We are working vigilantly on this) 

  • Partial rendering of views so loading times are faster
  • Database and instance upgrades
  • A significant amount of client side optimizations


  • Starred fields are shown by default on newly created roadmaps
  • Improved drag and drop capability on sub-headers of Timeline
  • Sources menu for Master is now sorted alphabetically (BETA Environment) 
  • Improved drag and drop of subheaders on Timeline

Bugs Squashed

  • New items on table view not being assigned field values (BETA Environment)
  • Deleting current roadmap doesn't go to home (BETA Environment)
  • Swimlane scroll zones not working horizontally (BETA Environment )
  • Removing field from table view results in a blank column (BETA Environment)
  • Duplicating a view doesn't use entered name (BETA Environment)
  • Items disappearing temporarily after export to URL
  • JIRA/CSV field mapping allows incompatible types
  • Roadmap item jumps back to original location after drag and drop on table view
  • Bucket field values headers appear in wrong order on swimlane

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