This article shows you how to import data in a Version One project into a Roadmunk roadmap.

Exporting from Version One to CSV

The first step in the import is exporting the data in the project to a CSV file. 

1. In the project's Reports menu, click Project Burndown.

Here's a snapshot of what the Project Burndown report might look like.

2. Open the menu in the upper-right corner of the report and click Download CSV.

Making changes to the CSV file

The following changes must be made to the CSV file:

  • The first column in the CSV (Item) must contain the title of the feature or project task.
  • The file must contain separate columns for Start Date and End Date.
  • The file must contain a Bucket field and a Description field. Both fields can be left blank.

Importing the CSV into Roadmunk

Once changes have been made the CSV, you can start the import to Roadmunk. For details, see Import items from CSV.

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