• Database, instance and browser upgrades
  • App loading speed improvements


  • Changing milestone dates on the Items Table closes dialog after selecting a date
  • Re-ordering Fields in Timeline and Swimlane Views show extended version of Field Values
  • Forgot Password remembers email entered during Login

Bugs Squashed

  • Inviting a new user successfully to the account no longer throws an error
  • Filters now update following a Field merge
  • Titles for headers are now visible on Chrome 49
  • Viewers may now export a CSV for a Master Roadmap (BETA Environment)
  • Checkmarks display correctly when bulk editing Items in Items Table (BETA Environment) 
  • Selecting Save after changing date in Date Preferences closes card
  • New Roadmaps now default to fiscal year
  • Importing Roadmaps to Intrepid now transfers comments (BETA Environment)
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