• Field Management performance upgrades
  • Improved memory and performance of Roadmunk
  • Database upgrades


  • Get notified by email on important Roadmunk activity (BETA Environment)
  • Select one of 20+ templates to get started in-app (BETA Environment)

Bugs Squashed

  • Reviewers cannot duplicate a roadmap from Roadmap Home (BETA Environment)
  • Swimlane View Row Headers now default to horizontal orientation (BETA Environment)
  • Master Roadmapping onboarding for edit permissions only (BETA Environment)
  • Rolling up Sources into a Master now validates Sources (BETA Environment)
  • Timeline View now defaults to hiding Weeks until checked (BETA Environment)
  • Account Admins now able to add an owner to a Field via Field Management (BETA Environment)
  • Deleting Source roadmap is successfully removed from Master (BETA Environment)
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