• Improved loading of roadmaps and views
  • Improved loading of item card
  • Improved loading to field management 
  • Upgrade MongoDB


  • Swimlane and Timeline views now include an Items Table that shares filters!
  • Upon view creation, the default is swimlane view
  • On the view navigation (right-hand side), format menu now includes “layout” and “colors”
  • On the view navigation (right-hand side), settings menu now includes “rename,” “duplicate,” “delete”  
  • Search roadmaps on homepage
  • Improved empty states


  • Activity Feed on item cards (called “Activity”) 
  • Uncombine Multi-select headers on timeline view
  • New onboarding wizard
  • Suggested merges (access via home screen), recommends which fields should be cleaned up
  • For accounts fully migrated to NEW, we removed import roadmaps from classic 
  • For accounts fully migrated to NEW, all users will be able to use the platform
  • Field drop-down menus are cleaned up to only show Starred, Roadmap, Common (we got rid of Other)
  • ExternalID added back to Items Table

Bugs Squashed

  • CSV can now export
  • Jumpy scrolling issues
  • Changing custom color on palettes
  • Template color palettes loading into new users account
  • Templates now load in starter package
  • Duplicate fields no longer show on Item card and exports
  • Loading at 47% indefinitely
  • Default Filters were not responding
  • Duplicating roadmap redirected back to original roadmap
  • Masters export to CSV
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