The step-by-step tutorials in this collection show you how quick and easy it is to create, visualize, and share a roadmap and then do even more, like add milestones, apply and save filters as views, and export and publish your roadmap.

Create and share your first roadmap

Step 1. Create a new roadmap
Learn how to create a roadmap from scratch or using one of Roadmunk's customizable in-app templates

Step 2. Create and import items
Learn how to add items to a roadmap by creating them from scratch or by importing data from a CSV file

Step 3. Add and create fields
Learn how to add an existing field to a roadmap and to create and add a new field

Step 4. Work with items in the Items Table
Take a look at some features of the Items Table that make it easy for you to browse and edit your roadmap items

Step 5. Add milestones to a roadmap
See how to add milestones to spotlight goals, achievements, events, and other time markers related to a roadmap's items

Step 6. Create a Timeline visualization
Learn about views and visualizations and how to visualize roadmap items in a Timeline

Do more with your roadmap

Step 7. Add and apply filters to a view
Learn how to add and apply filters to a view and how filters affect the display of items and milestones

Step 8. Create a Swimlane visualization
Learn how to create a Swimlane to dynamically visualize items in an agile theme-based roadmap

Step 9. Share your roadmap
See how sharing makes it easy to collaborate on roadmaps and present roadmaps to leadership and other stakeholders for review and feedback

Step 10. Export roadmap items and milestones
Learn how you can export your roadmap's items and milestones to a CSV file

Step 11. Export and publish a roadmap
Learn how you can share a roadmap outside of Roadmunk by exporting it as a PNG or HTML file, or publishing it to a URL

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