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Before you get started, we thought we'd tell you what Roadmunk is all about and why it's an essential tool for aligning your strategy across the entire organization. We'll start with some of the highlights and then move on to the bits and pieces like items, fields, views, visualizations, and more.

Roadmunk is ...

Roadmunk is a simple and powerful roadmapping software that makes it easy to build, share, and present your strategy. 

Visualize and communicate strategy. Roadmunk gets everyone on the same page by enabling 360° communication of high-level vision across your whole organization.

Show the right roadmap to the right team. Roadmunk lets you instantly pivot your data to create and save different views of your roadmap so you’re always showing the most relevant information.

Share and collaborate. Roadmunk's sharing capabilities let you work together on roadmaps to get alignment across all teams.

Bring clarity to all stakeholders. Bring transparency across the organization by tailoring different views of you roadmap for each of your teams and building confidence and alignment with executive leadership. 

Be ready to present in minutes. At the end of the day, your roadmap should make you look good. Roadmunk makes it easy to create boardroom-ready views of your roadmap in minutes.


In Roadmunk, everything starts with a roadmap. You can create a roadmap from scratch or get started with one of our easy to use and digestible templates.

To get started creating a new roadmap, see Create a new roadmap.

Items, fields and views

Every roadmap in Roadmunk has three core elements: items, fields, and views. Understanding what these are, why they matter, and how they work together will get you started building powerful roadmaps sooner.

More about items, fields, and views


Milestones are fixed indicators that you can add to a roadmap and display on a roadmap Timeline together with the roadmap items. 

More about milestones

Visualizations: Timelines and Swimlanes

The true power of Roadmunk is the ability to create multiple visualizations of your roadmap items tailored to specific needs and audiences. Visualizing a roadmap in Roadmunk takes just minutes. It's a simple matter of picking the visualization type, setting up and applying filters, and choosing headers and other pivots. 

More about Timelines and Swimlanes

Sharing and collaboration

Sharing in Roadmunk helps drive collaboration on your organization's projects and initiatives, and bridges the gap between your Product Management and Development teams by bringing transparency to what you're building and why.

More about sharing and collaboration

Exporting and publishing

Roadmunk has many options for sharing and presenting your roadmaps to different stakeholders. Whichever option you choose, you'll create beautiful and compelling visualizations that are boardroom-ready in minutes.

More about exporting and publishing

Roadmap templates

Getting started is fast and simple when you use one of our ready-made fully customizable roadmap templates. The templates are the result of our analysis of thousands of use cases that we've translated into an easily digestible form you can leverage to roadmap with ease.

More about our roadmap templates

Master roadmapping

The power of Roadmunk master roadmapping means you can get a bird's eye view of what's happening across your entire organization so you can align strategy across all departments and stakeholders.

More about master roadmaps

What's next?

Now that you know what Roadmunk is all about and how the bits and pieces work and fit together, it's time to start roadmapping

Lucky for you, we've created a Getting Started tutorial that walks you through the steps of building your first roadmap, from creating the roadmap and adding items, through adding milestones and creating beautiful Timelines and Swimlanes, to sharing your roadmap and exporting boardroom-ready visualizations that will engage and create excitement.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now!

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