Sharing in Roadmunk helps drive collaboration on your organization's projects and initiatives, and bridges the gap between your Product Management and Development teams by bringing transparency to what you're building and why.

Roadmunk lets you share roadmaps in different ways depending on who you're sharing with. Do you want someone on your team to collaborate on a roadmap with you? Or, do you need your manager or someone in the executive leadership to review the roadmap and provide feedback? 

Sharing with editors and reviewers

Roadmunk makes sharing your roadmaps with other people a cinch. It takes only a few clicks to select who you want to share with and what type of permissions you want to give them.

If you want someone on your team to collaborate on a roadmap and be able to add and edit items, and create views, add them to your roadmap as an Editor. You can add as many Editors as you want to a roadmap, and you can remove an Editor or change their permissions at any time.

If you want someone to be able to review and provide feedback on your roadmap, add them as a Viewer. Viewers have view-only access to roadmaps but can add comments and mentions to items. 

To get started sharing your roadmaps, go to Share your roadmap.

Comments and mentions

Comments and mentions get the conversation going on shared roadmaps. Both Editors and Viewers can easily add and view item comments and mentions simply by opening the item card from any of the roadmap's views.

Item activity feed and notifications

You'll want to keep track of what's changed on items since you last checked into your roadmap. That's where the item activity feed comes in. The activity feed lists and dates all changes made to an item, including field edits and creation of the item. You can view an item's activity feed by opening the item card from any of the roadmap's views.

You'll also want to get an email notification whenever you're mentioned in an item or someone shares a roadmap with you. These notifications are turned on by default, but you can change them in your Account Settings.

Field activity feed

You can view a field's activity feed by opening the field card from any of the roadmap's views. The activity feed tracks, dates, and lists all changes made to a field including: 

  • When a field name or type is changed
  • When a field is starred or unstarred
  • When Editors, Owners, and Viewers, are added, removed, or have their permissions changed
  • When field values are added, deleted, or renamed

You can also find the feed via the homepage: 

  1. Navigate to the Fields tab via the left hand navigation on the Roadmunk homepage 
  2. Select the field you would like the activity feed on 
  3. In the field card, select the Activity tab

With just a few clicks, you are able to get a complete history of any changes made to any field in your roadmap.

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