Milestones are fixed indicators that you can add to a roadmap and display on a roadmap Timeline together with the roadmap items.

Milestones are a great way to spotlight your organization's goals, major releases, tradeshows, and achievements. By visualizing a goal or deadline on a roadmap, milestones help your team rally behind it and understand what it takes to get there.

Roadmunk comes ready with the most common milestone types (e.g., Tradeshow, Release, Product Launch), but you can add any number of custom ones to the list. The milestone icons you use on a Timeline are also customizable by shape and color.

Like items, milestones can be created from scratch or imported from a CSV file and can be viewed in tabular form in the Milestones Table.

To get started working with milestones, go to Add milestones to a roadmap.

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