If you're having trouble Connecting to Jira from Roadmunk, here are a few things you can try.

Unable to connect to your Jira server

If you're unable to connect to your organization's Jira server, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have administrator access to the Jira server
  2. .Double-check your login credentials to make sure they're correct.
  3. If your network is behind a firewall, talk to your system administrator about whitelisting Roadmunk. 

To get a list of whitelisted IPs or if you still experience problems, please contact us at support@roadmunk.com.

Jira Username and Atlassian ID

Atlassian is in the process of converting Jira accounts to sign in with Atlassian IDs.

Make sure you are using your Jira Username with your Atlassian ID Password to connect to Jira. You can find your Jira Username in your Jira Profile Settings.


If your organization uses SSO/SAML to login to Roadmunk, you can still use the Jira Cloud and Jira Hosted integration. Simply use your Jira password or generate an API token.

If you are using SAML/SSO to login to Atlassian or Jira, you must use an API token, which requires Jira Cloud.

More information on how to create this token can be found via Atlassian's Cloud Support.

If you're still experiencing issues connecting to Jira with SSO/SAML,

  1. Change your Jira account to use password authentication
  2. Or create a new Jira account with password authentication 

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