Roadmunk lets you share roadmaps in different ways depending on who you're sharing with. Do you want someone on your team to collaborate on a roadmap with you? Or, do you need your manager or someone in the executive leadership to review the roadmap and provide feedback? 

If you want someone to be able to review your roadmap and provide feedback, share the roadmap with them as a Viewer.
TIP: See Who can you add as a roadmap Viewer? and What can a roadmap Viewer do? below.

You can add as many Viewers as you want to a roadmap, and you can remove a Viewer or change their permissions at any time (see Change a roadmap's sharing settings). Users are notified via email whenever they're added to a roadmap as a Viewer unless they've turned notifications off.

TIP: You can also give users edit permissions to a roadmap by adding them as Editors

Adding a Viewer to a roadmap

You add a Viewer to a roadmap using the Sharing Settings dialog. You can open the dialog from your Roadmap Home or directly from the roadmap.

Open Sharing Settings from Roadmap Home

To go to your Roadmap Home, click the Roadmunk icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

1. On the Roadmap Home navbar, click My Roadmaps.
. In the My Roadmaps panel, select the roadmap you want to share.
On the Roadmaps toolbar, click the Share icon to open the Sharing Settings dialog.

Open Sharing Settings from the roadmap

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Share Roadmap icon.
Mouse over the icon to see how many Editors and Viewers are currently sharing the roadmap, including yourself. To the left of the icon, you can see the Owner's initials (yours) and the total number of users sharing the roadmap in addition to the Owner.

Add the Viewer

On the dialog's Users with Access list, you'll see yourself listed as the Owner of the roadmap. If you've already shared the roadmap with other users, you'll see them on the list as well, together with their Permissions to the roadmap (Edit for Editors and View Only for Viewers).

1. If the person you want to add as a Viewer is not already on the list, click in the Invite Users field and select their name. You can also start typing the name.
In the Users with Access list, click the user's Permissions dropdown and select View Only.
If View Only is grayed-out and you can't select it, it means the user is an Account Admin. Account Admins have Editor access to all roadmaps so their permissions can't be changed to Viewer.
The Users with Access list should now show the person added as a Viewer.
3. Click Save.

Who can share a roadmap?

To share a roadmap, you must be an Editor of that roadmap. Click here to learn how to add editors to a roadmap.

Who can you add as a roadmap Viewer?

Users with either a Collaborator role OR a Reviewer role can be added to a roadmap as a Viewer. Even if you can add a Collaborator to your roadmap as an Editor, you may want give the user view-only access.

What can a roadmap Viewer do?

Users added to a roadmap as a Viewer can:

  • Access and view the shared roadmap
  • View roadmap item details and activity feed
  • Add comments and mentions to items
  • Export a roadmap view to PNG or HTML
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