After you share a roadmap with other users by adding them as Editors or Viewers, you can change the roadmap's sharing settings at any time. You can change an Editor to a Viewer and vice versa. And you can remove a user to to stop sharing the roadmap with them entirely.

Changing a roadmap's share settings

You change a roadmap's sharing setting using the Sharing Settings dialog. You can open the dialog from your Roadmap Home or directly from the roadmap.

Open Sharing Settings from Roadmap Home

To go to your Roadmap Home, click the Roadmunk icon on the top-left corner of the screen.

1. On the Roadmap Home navbar, click My Roadmaps.
. In the My Roadmaps panel, select the roadmap whose settings you want to change.
On the Roadmaps toolbar, click the Share icon to open the Sharing Settings dialog.

Open Sharing Settings from the roadmap

1. On the Roadmap navbar, click the Share Roadmap icon.
Mouse over the icon to see how many Editors and Viewers are currently sharing the roadmap, including yourself. To the left of the icon, you can see the Owner's initials (yours) and the total number of users sharing the roadmap in addition to the Owner.

Change a user's permissions

1. On the dialog's User with Access list, open the user's Permissions dropdown and select a different permission.
To change a user to the roadmap's Owner, see Transfer Ownership of a Roadmap.
2. Click Save.

Stop sharing the roadmap with a user

1. Mouse over the user's Permissions dropdown until you see the X, then click it.
2. Click Save.

Who can change a roadmap's sharing settings?

You must have edit access to change a roadmap's sharing settings.

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