The Items Table provides a tabular view of a roadmap's data and make it easy for you to browse and work with the roadmap's items, including hiding and showing fields, sorting and ranking items, and changing the order of the columns (fields) in the table.

Hiding and showing fields

The hide/show field feature in the Items Table is a great way to get more horizontal screen space so you minimize the need to scroll horizontally.

Hide a field

1. Mouse over the field you want to hide until the Hide Field (-) icon appears, then mouse over the icon and click it when it turns blue.

Show a hidden field

1. Click the Add Field (+) icon that's at the end of the table header.
In the dropdown's Hidden Fields list, click the field you want to show.

Sorting items

By default, items in the Items Table are ranked in the order they were added (first item at the top). The Items Table's sort feature lets you sort items in alphabetical order by any field in the table.  

Sort items

1. Mouse over the field you want to sort by until the Cogwheel icon appears, then mouse over the icon and click it when it turns blue.
In the dropdown, select Sort A to Z for ascending order or Sort Z to A for descending order. 

You'll know which field items are sorted by and in what order by the up or down arrow next to the field's name. 

Toggle between ascending and descending, and reset the sort order

1. You can click the arrow next to the field to toggle between ascending and descending alphabetical order.
To reset the sort order to the default, click Clear Sort.

Ranking items 

The ranking feature lets you change the default ranking of items in the Items Table  by moving one or more items around on the table so they're ranked in a way that's more logical for you (for example, by level of importance or complexity).

1. To change an item's ranking in the table, click its Item Ranking column and drag-and-drop the item onto its new location.

IMPORTANT: Unlike sorting, there's no way to automatically reset items back to their original ranking order. Once you move an item to a different place in the table, it stays there until you move it again. 

Re-order table columns

You can also change the order of the field columns in the Items Table.

  1. Click the header of the column you want to move.
  2. Drag-and-drop the column onto its new location. 

Browsing and finding items

Find the items you’re looking for by either using pages at the bottom of the Items Table and browsing or use item search to find a specific item.

Choose between entering the page number you want to see, moving forward or backward a single page, or to the beginning or end of your table. 

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