You can attach files to a roadmap's items through the item card. You can also view, download, and delete file attachments.

To open the item card, click the item in a Timeline or Swimlane, or click Description in the Items Table.

1. To attach a file to the item, click the + Attach Files button.
2. To view an attached file, click the file name on the file's panel.
3. To download an attached file, mouse over the file's panel and click the Download icon that appears.
4. To delete an attached file, mouse over the file's panel and click the Delete icon when it appears, then click Delete It in the confirmation popup.

Who can add, download, and delete file attachments?

To attach a file to a roadmap item and delete attached files, you must be the roadmap's Owner OR the roadmap must be shared with you as an Editor

If the roadmap has been shared with you as Viewer, you have view-only access to the roadmap and can only view and download attached files. When you open the item in the item card, only the filename link and the Download icon will be enabled.

NOTE: Attachments are only visible to Account Admins, Collaborators and Reviewers on your account, and will not be visible to users accessing roadmaps through published URLs. 

To find out more, go to Sharing and collaboration in the Quick Guide.

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